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Dry Skin care
Hear are few home made tonics which provides shine for your hairs.
Egg Toner
beat a egg white with one bowl of skimmed milk
apply this lotion to your hairs and clean well with warm water
Castor oil toner
Take one table spoon of castor oil i a bowl
One table spoon of glycerine one table spoon of cider vinegar
One table spoon of mild herbal shampoo
Apply it to sc lap and leave it for 20 minutes and rise well with warm water.
Nettle tonic
One cup of nettle tops
Boil nettle leaves in one cup of water for 15 minutes
Allow it to cool and apply it to your hairs
Leave this lotion for 15 minutes and rise it
horsetail Lotion
Boil one cup of dried horese tail for 20 minutes and let it cool down
Apply this lotion all over your hairs
Rise it well after 15 minutes.
Coconut hair lotion
macadamia Fruit
Take one table spoon of coconut milk
One table spoon of macadamia nut oil
One table spoon of canola oil
One table spoon of mayonnaise
mix all the ingredients together in an bowl and apply the lotion for your wet hairs and allow it for 15 minutes and wash your hair with warm water.
Herbal going together
Take one table spoon of Rita, shikakai, and amla into one liter of water and keep it for 24 hours boil it and allow it to cool
Strain this lotion and use as shampoo
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