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The living part of hair is the hair follicle which contains the hair root The most important element of hair care is one's hair type Hair care will differ according to one's hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair.

There are many factors for damage in hairs like
Using strong chemicals, Using Hair dyes, Excess exposure to sun, and Excess hair blowing
Hear are some easy methods where you can manage your hairs; keep them healthy
Great Hair starts from right kind of hair cut an professional hair cut will ensure that your hair is free of split ends and healthy. Always make sure that you drink plenty of water because water not only hydrates your skin and body but it also hydrates your hair as well. Product Rule: Always remember not to use all kinds of products which you get attracted use only one product at a time do change your hair products often. Don't ever over blow your hair let your hair get dry in natural sun this is the safest way to dry your hairs. Always Make sure that your sleep well as your body needs rest so don't end with sleepless days always sleep well and keep your pillows clean and tidy you can opt for satin pillowcase which will stop your hair from rubbing. Conditioning your hair once a week is ad visible. Balanced food should be maintained for both of your mind and body, so intake lots of fluids, rich vitamin based food is advisable.Try out some of the Great herbal products and herbal conditioners . Add little of water before you use shampoo it is advisable not to use direct shampoo on your hair. Use herbs for your hair instead of chemically shampoo some of the herbs like Sage: Excellent for weak hair. 2. Rosemary: Enhances dark hair 3. Chamomile: Promotes healthy hair growth. 4. Catnip: Promotes hair growth. 5. Burdock Root: Promotes hair growth and reduces hair from falling out can be used without any side effect or damaging your hair
Egg Cleanser
Beat a egg with one cup of milk (you can take egg white if you do sent like smell of yellow part)
Apply on the sc lap well and Leave it for 5 minutes, wash it thoroughly with water
Gin Tonic
Two table spoon of Gin
two egg yolks
Beat egg yolks until its frothy add gin to it. Again beat egg until it became's foamy, Apply this lotion for few minutes
wash your hair with warm water
Chamomile tea Wonder
four tea bags of chamomile tea or hand full of chamomile flower
two table spoon of Rita power
One table spoon of Alovera Juice or glycerin
Let tea bags boil with water for 10 minutes
Mix all the ingredient above to tea and make a fine paste
Apply it on your hair for 20 minutes
Wash your hair with warm water.
Soapwart root Lotion
Two table spoon of Soap wart root as soap wart contains saponins which are similar to soap
Two table spoon of Lemon juice
Add one cup of Distilled water to an vessel and bring it to boil now boil soap wart roots about 20 minutes Remove from heat and allow it to cool down
Add Lemon juice to it and store this mixture in bottle and use it often.
Rum Shampoo
Grind some mint leaves and apply on the face for few mini tues and wash it after it dries
Fallow this method for 15 days
Herbal Hair growth Shampoo
One cup of Distilled water
One cup of fresh Spearmint
one cup of fresh rosemary
one cup of baby shampoo
Boil spearmint and rosemary in distilled water for 30 minutes, Allow it to cool.
Add one cup of baby shampoo to this mixture
Store it in bottle, use when required. This lotion not only cleanse your hair but it helps in growth of hairs.
Herbs for Shiny Hairs
Tea and beer rinses are known to improve the looks for your hair
What you have to do is just boil used tea power in an vessel and allow it to cool down
Rise with this liquid after your shampoo is done
Dry your hairs with naturally Sun
Herbal Shampoo for oil hair
Two table spoon of dry pepper mint
Two table spoon of spearmint
One table spoon of dry sage
One cup of Distilled water
Two to Three cup of baby oil
Add Dry peppermint, spearmint, Dry sage in an heavy bottom pan and bring the mixture to boil
Remove from the heat and allow it to cool for 30 minutes
pour baby oil for the mixture
Store the lotion in clean bottle and use when required.
Herbal shampoo for Dry Hair
One table spoon of dry comfrey root
One table spoon of dry rosemary
One table spoon of dry chamomile
Half cup of Distilled water
Two cup of baby oil or olive oil
one egg beaten to form cream
One cup of milk
Mix all the herbs in pan and boil it well and allow it to cool
strain out herbs and mix herbal water with baby oil , egg , milk
Pour this mixture to any bottle and use when required.
Shampoo for Bounce and shine
One egg beaten and one table spoon of lemon juice
Three table spoon of baby shampoo
Combine all the ingredients in an bowl and apply this lotion as an shampoo.
Egg acts as conditioner for your hair and lemon juice brings good shine.
An natural hair gel
Two table spoon of Flax seeds
One cup of water
Mix water and flax seeds in a pan and bring it to boil
Allow this mixture to get cool
Strain the herbs in the mixture
Store it in an nice bottle and use after shower
Home Made shikakai Shampoo
200 hundred grams of Dried Olives (Ritha can be used instead)
200 hundred grams of Shikakai Power
Soak both shikakai and olives or ritha over night with 3 cups of hot water
Boil the Mixture heavy bottom vessel at morning about 10-15 minutes
store it in a nice jar or bottle and use when required.
Honey Anti wrinkle mask
Take one table spoon of honey
One table spoon of carrot juice
One Pinch of soda bicarbonate.
Mix Honey and carrot juice and apply on your face with a cotton ball dipped in soda bicarbonate water.
Home Remedies to get rid of Head Louse
Mix one table spoon of garlic juice to one table spoon of lemon juice, Apply this lotion to hair and leave it for few minutes, wash your hairs with any gen tall shampoo .
There is another way to soften the glue that nits or eggs use to attach themselves first of all wet your hairs and add half a cup of vinegar to same amount of warm water and apply the location to hairs.
Wear an head cap and leave it for few minutes
Comb your hairs thoroughly with net comb available in market.
you can repeat this treatment for once in a week.
Yogurt mask
half cup plain yogurt
Few chopped straw berries
Half cup of oats
one cup of liquid Thiamine(B1)
Mix all the ingredients with blender finely apply this paste on the face for 20 minutes wash it with cold water
Whipping Cream Mask
One cup of whipping cream
one medium peeled banana
Half cup of Liquid Co-Q10
One vitamin -E capsule
1 cap of Riboflavin (B2)
Mix all the ingredients above and make a fine paste apply it on the face and wash it after 15 or 20 minutes
As i told earlier Hair fall have many reasons like Dandruff, Skin diseases, Anemia, Stress, lack of balanced diet, Excess Rolling , Blowing, Coloring, Smoking etc. Every one wanted beautiful hairs, especially women's are crazy about Hairs so some of the easy and home made tips can be followed to avoid Hair fall without any side effect.
Some of the tips to be fallowed
Use wide tooth combs after shower, use Rita, Shikakai, amla, bael,and other natural ingredients instead of chemical shampoos found at market because herbs not only cleanse your hair but it provides natural proteins and shine to your hair which result in shiny and bouncy hair.
Rita Lotion
Soak about 200 grams of Rita in four glass of water
Boil the lotion for 10 to 15 minutes; next morning
Squash rita seeds and strain the water
Apply this lotion to hair and leave it for 20 minutes and rise it well
Lemon seed paste
make a paste of lemon seeds and black pepper
Apply this mixture on bland sc lap
Egg white Lotion
Beat egg white thoroughly in an bowl
Apply the location on the sc lap and Allow it to dry
rise well with warm water
Coconut Milk Lotion
Mix one table spoon of lemon juice one cup of pure coconut milk
Apply this lotion on sc lap and Allow it to dry
Rise it well with warm water.
Oil Mantra
Use any kind of oil weather it may be pure coconut oil,or olive oil, or castor oil, or Almond oil
Just a simple trick you have to do before applying the oil is to heat it. Heat the oil and apply it on your sc lap with cotton ball and massage your head well with circular motion
Cover the towel to your hair if you oil your head at night time. You can fallow this method when you oil your head every time.
Best Myanmar shampoo
One cup of Buettneria Adamnensis power
Few Acacia fruits (an soapy fruit)
Wash acacia fruits thoroughly and boil it well in heavy bottom vessel until soft and pulpy.
Soake Buettneria Adamnensis power in one cup of water; very soon water becomes thick viscous liquid. The portion of water should be equally for both of the herbs. After your Acacia fruit lotion is ready Allow it to cool down and strain both of the mixture well and store it in nice fancy bottles.
Thyme Shampoo
Four table spoon of dried thyme Boiled with 2 cups of water about 10 minutes
Strain this water and allow to cool
Damp of your hairs before shower , Allow it for few minutes
wash your hairs with warm water
Almond Paste
One cup of Almonds soaked in milk overnight
4 to 5 Rita soaked in water overnight
Boil Rita well with one and half cup of water in pan for 30 minutes until it becomes thick lotion
Grind Almonds well with little milk which you had used already and make a paste
Mix this paste to Rita lotion
Mix two table spoon of Alovera gel to this lotion and Apply this mixture to all over head and leave it for few minutes.
Rise it well with warm water
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