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The main reason for Dry skin is when oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to skin cause the skin to become dry and chapped. Most of the people are affected by dry skin. well the reason of dry skin may vary wheather it may be an famialy heridetry, or it may cause in elder people,or improper diet or Excess exposive to sun rays causes dry skin, or or Excess Smoking can be one of the factor which results in dry and chapped skin . Dry skin normally be troublesome especially in winter season, so moisturizing them is the best way to get rid of dry skin as well proper balanced food is also equally necessary to get rid of dry skin
Moisturizers Your Skin regularly with home made tips which are above
When it comes to cleansing people having dry skin should avoid frequent cleansing, as because frequent cleansing removes natural oils from your skin letting to dry. Always avoid antibacterial soap as it contains skin drying properties Men having dry skin should avoid after shave lotions instead of that they can go for moisturizer creams or lotions. Always use mild moisturizing soaps, and lotions for cleansing your skin which contains non detergent, neutral-pH products to cleanse your skin an baby soap is also can be used fallowed by other nourishing mild soaps. Don't use hot water in your bath tub instead you can use lukewarm water or cold water. Always avoid direct sun rays and sun baths as sun rays may effect your skin and let your skin dry and chapped. Use gloves to your hands when you are working with detergents and other chemicals. Apply any branded sun block lotion before you step out from home. Always use lot of water fluid in your diet fallowed by fruits, curd, and vegetables.
Home made cream and lotions for Dry Skin
Almond cream for Dry Skin
Take few Almonds may be 4-5 almonds soak it well with 2 teaspoon of milk
Grind almonds with mixer
Mix 1 teaspoon of yogurt and mix it well
Apply it on the face and let it to dry wash it well with luke warm or cold water.
Using nuts for moisturizing skin are being fallowed by ages. Nuts protect skin form Radicals and also helpfully to maintain immunity of the skin.
Olive Oil Nourishing Cream
beat egg white constantly until it covers up with lather add few drops of olive oil to this mixture
Add few drops of Glycerine to it
Allow this mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water
Fresh Milk Cream
Collect Fresh Milk Cream in an bowl add few drops of any oil like olive oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil or even coconut Oil can be used
Add half teaspoon of yogurt to this mixture
Apply it to the face and let it dry
wash it with luke warm water
Gobi berries Cream
Gobi berries is one of the fruit that you can be found in Himalayas these fruit having nutritional values ; it is also called Wolf berries So try out this
Take few Goji berries as your requirements
smash this fruit add few drops of Almond Oil to this mixture
Apply to the face and let it to dry
wash your face with luke warm water or cold water.
Almond with Mint Leaves
Take Few Almonds and Mint Leaves
Grind it with Mixer you can also add milk if the paste turns very thick
Apply it on the face and let it to dry
wash it with luke warm or cold water by scrubbing with circular motion
Night Cream For Dry Skin
Take Few Cubes of Cucumber
smash it well and add few drops of almond oil to it and one egg white
Apply this mixture on nights or evening and wash it after some time with cold water
Goji Berries with milk
Take few Goji Berries or you can take straw berries instead of Goji Berries
Mix half teaspoon of oatmeal power added with milk
Apply it on the face and let it to dry
Wash your face with cold water
Coco Butter Cream
Take two Table spoon of Coco Butter
two tea table spoon of BeesWax
few drops of Alomod oil
Melt Beeswax and Coco butter add almond oil to it let this mixture to cool and pour it to some bottle
you can apply this mixture on evenings or as night creams
Cream with lanolin
Take 3 table spoon of Lanolin
one tablespoon of sunflower oil
1 table spoon of olive oil
1 table spoon of beeswax
melt lanolin and Beeswax in vessel allow it to dry
Mix sunflower and olive oil to this mixture
Pour this mixture in any bottle and apply it daily on your face
Apricots Face Cream
Smash few Apricots and make paste out of it add few drops of castrol oil and olive vera gel
Apply it on the face and let it dry
wash it by cold water
Mayonnaise cream
Massage with Mayonnaise added with few drops of almond oil or sunflower oil
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