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The causes for Dull skin may have different reasons Due to improper Diet, or hormonal imbalance, Suntan, Consumption of Alcohol, Smoking are some of the factors which leads skin to make dull
Few steps to be fallowed by people having Dull skin
Drink plenty of water in a day might be an 9 to 10 glasses of water per day, Avoid Smoking as the nicotine constant in cigars have properties of Skin agening, and dryness. Always moisturize your skin with branded cream or lotion or home made creams. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid rash soap which having chemic all agents instead use mild soaps or face cleansers.
Remedies for Dull skin
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera having an naturally heeling properties and soft agent so use aloe vera gel on your face every day and wash it after it dries . Aloe vera not only cleanse your skin but also soften your skin and remove dirt and excess oil in your skin. Aloe vera also helpfully to remove sun tan and sun burns so use aloe vera gel every day and feel the difference
Straw berries
Take few straw berries as required, if you don't find straw berries you can use Goji Berries also
Smash them well in an container and add few drops of olive oil to this mixture
Apply all over your face and let it to dry
wash your face with cold water
Mint Leaves Treatment
Take hand full of mint leaves and few slices of cucumber and paste it with mixer
Add one teaspoon of coco butter to this mixture, if you don't find coco butter you can use lots of milk cream instead
Add one egg white
beat this mix ute well
Apply on the face and rise it well with cold water
Pumpkin Treatment
Take few slice of pumpkin and smash it well with mixer,
Mix un boiled milk to this mixture, you can also mix coconut milk instead milk
Add few drops of Almond or Olive oil to this mixture
Apply this all over face and let it to dry
wash well with cold water
Carrot and Apricot Toner
Take few slice of fresh carrots make paste of carr tots and Apricot in mixer
If desired you can add any kind of oil to it or even coco butter
Apply this mix ute on the face and let it to dry
Wash your face with cold water.
Fruit Toner for All kind of skins Types this method to treatment works wonder so try it out
Take few slices or papaya, tomatoes and water melon and strawberries ,
mix all the fruits and make paste out of it
Add Aloe vera gel and half teaspoon of lemon juice to this mixture and Apply it all over the face including your neck
Wash well with cold or luke warm water and feel the radically difference in your skin
CauliFlower to remove wart on your skin
Take hand full of cauliflower and extract juice of it
Apply all over your face and let it to dry
Apply Cauliflower juice until all the warts are fall down
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