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One should not only concentrate only on face and make up and dressing well but we should concentrate on our whole body. You should keep your hands which work always for you and even your foot which carryies your whole body weight. so hear are some the tips where you can find in your kitichen
Find very easy way to take care of your hands and legs and nails .

How to pedicure in home
I have seen that most of the people just ignore or being careless to take care of their legs . Actually One should be very sure to take care of their foot and hand insted of their face and looks; As because foot are tend to become more dirt while we walk and more over foot carries your whole body weight. so its improtant to even take care of your foot and hands too.
First of all relax your self and find a comfortable sofa to sit Keep all the ingredients close to you so that you need not walk to take each and every ingredient.
The first step of pedicure is to Cleanse so remove your old nail polish completely using cotton balls.
Cut your nails or you can just file your nails.
Fill warm water in an big bowl with one table spoon of any hair shampoo or mild shampoo, or you can use any aroma oils ins ted. Allow your foot to soak until the water gets cool.
Again take one cup of warm milk and dip your foot inside it . Let your foot soak for few minutes.
Use cuticle to remove dirt in your nails. Remove dirt of your nails especially in corners of your nails.
scrub your foot with metal foot scrubber. or you can use pumice stone to remove dead skin of your skin.
Dry your foot through including your foot nails and ankle
Apply any oil or moisturizing cream and massage your food from upward to down ward again in curricular motion. After the moisturizing cream dries wear your favorite nail polish.
Home made Manicure
Well you can repet the same as pedicure for manicure also; hear i want to tell you some of the tips to how to take care of your beautifull hands.
Wear gloves while working with domestic work in your house.
Nourish your hands with any oil like olive or almond oil or any good mosturizing cream before you go to bed.
Intake food which are rich in vitamains like A, B complex and c ( to noruish your skin ) and food which is rich in calicum, iodine, magnesium for your nails.If you have dry and broken nail soak them with almond oil.
Tips for healthy nails.
For dry and chapped nail intake food which is rich in vitamin A and calcium.
For hand nails intake food which is rich in Protein and vitamin C
Intake food which is rich with zinc to avoid white spots in nails.
Drink fresh carrot juice as often as possible as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus and good for strengthening your nails.
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